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​Back to Newmarket,
​Back to our old home…
130 Davis Drive (Newmarket Plaza)

​Zucca’s Ristorante comes home to Newmarket
Zucca’s Ristorante has returned to Newmarket; we visit their old ‘new’ location at 130 Davis Dr. on today’s What’s New, Newmarket


Inthujan Loges
Inthujan Loges
Best Italian restaurant in the town and the food very delicious….10/10
Attilio Bonatti
Attilio Bonatti
Their eggplant sandwich is the best, and I have tried a few places, too.
Leslie Dawn Knowles
Leslie Dawn Knowles
Excellent food with very generous portions and wonderful service. The Tiramisu is not to be missed!
Best sandwich in Newmarket ! Probably even the best veal and chicken parm sandwich in the Greater Toronto Area! Came here the first time and got the sandwich came back the next day and got it again, quality food nice friendly service!
Gina Strati
Gina Strati
Love love love this place. Fills the food void I miss from my Nonna. Everything is delicious. But my go to every time in the veal on a bun. Mmmmmmm. Eat one of those you’re good for the day. Puts me in a food coma. My vegan sister devours the eggplant on a bun. Staff is very polite. I haven’t eaten in the restaurant. I gotta take food home cause I usually wear it 😊. Location is convenient central. I also appreciate how they package the to go meals. Packaging is recyclable and placed carefully in carry out bag. Come with stretchy pants cause the portions are huge

Nominated for 2019 Ontario Veal Appeal

John Catucci, Food Network Canada host of You Gotta Eat Here, and the Ontario Veal Appeal judging team visited Zucca’s ristorante and pizzeria in Newmarket to sample and score their popular Ontario veal sandwich to determine their eligibility for the title of Ontario’s Best Veal Sandwich 2019!
​Each veal sandwich is as individual as the chefs and cooks who create them and Zucca’s is one like none other!
Stay tuned for the winning results and call (905) 836-5783 to make a reservation to judge the iconic veal sandwich for yourself.
– credit ​snapd Newmarket


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